Photo credits


That's me! The first picture was taken at Easter by a friend, Tjai Forster. The second picture was part of a professional photoshoot handle by friend and amateur photographer, Jeannie Bramlett.


The amazing Substantia Jones has created photographic works of art portraying fat people positively in the Adipositivity Project. Not safe for work!

Quantum Acceptance

Photos from Quantum Acceptance blog.

Marilyn Wann

Marilyn Wann is a fat activist, author of the book Fat?So!, designer of the Yay! Scale, and one of my personal heros. The first photo is by The New York Times and the second photo is by Karen Kasmauski of National Geographic.

Marianne Kirby

Marianne Kirby is a writer and fat activist. She co-authored Lessons From the Fatosphere, blogs at The Rotund, is active on Tumblr, and writes at XO Jane. She does some amazing work!!

Dr. Cat Pause is a fat activist and fat studies author living in New Zealand. She blogs and has a really cool fat positive radio show.

Lara Frater

Lara Frater has been a steady voice in the Fatosphere for years. She blogs and has written a book called Fat Chicks Rule!: How To Survive in a Thin-Centric World.

Casey Buss

Casey Buss is a great example of activity and fat positivity!

Peggy Elam

Dr. Peggy Elam is the publisher of Talking Fat and Acceptable Prejudice at Pearlsong Press! She also has Health At Every Size radio show.

Tully and Lonie

That's me with my partner, the wonderfully supportive Tully!

Garden of the Gods We live in beautiful Colorado Springs. This picture of Garden of the Gods was taken in the summer of 2011.